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Toothbrushing and hospital infection prevention Q&A

Rupak Datta, MD, Ph.D., MPH, is an assistant professor of medicine (infectious diseases) at Yale School of Medicine (YSM) and an assistant hospital epidemiologist in the Veterans Affairs Connecticut Healthcare System. His ...


Pandemic sparks key innovations in digital orthodontics

The COVID-19 pandemic galvanized researchers at Saint Louis University's Center for Advanced Dental Education (CADE) to explore key innovations in digital orthodontics and general dentistry.


An online platform to promote customized self oral health care

A study that introduces a new strategy to promote customized, oral health self-care by using an online platform to connect dental professionals and patients will be presented at the 101st General Session of the IADR, which ...


Exploring the impact of teledentistry on kids' wellness

While the COVID-19 pandemic upended everything in the world, it also became a powerful catalyst for innovations that made remote delivery of health care and services—including dentistry—possible.

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