Researchers report clear shift in arterial diseases in diabetes

There has been a redistribution in the risk of arterial disease in type 1 and 2 diabetes. The risks of heart attack and stroke have decreased significantly, while complications in more peripheral vessels have increased in ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

What makes a country better prepared for a pandemic?

A new study has found that countries that had national policies aimed at preventing disease fared better during the global pandemic than those that did not.


Blood test could determine diabetes risks

A blood test could potentially be used to assess a patient's risk of type 2 diabetes, a new study from Edith Cowan University (ECU) has found.


The effects of childhood sexual abuse on health and well-being

One in five women and one in 13 men are thought to be affected by childhood sexual abuse (CSA). Childhood sexual abuse is a violation of fundamental human rights and its impacts have far-reaching consequences that extend ...

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