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Sunlight destroys coronavirus quickly, say US scientists

The new coronavirus is quickly destroyed by sunlight, according to new research announced by a senior US official on Thursday, though the study has not yet been made public and awaits external evaluation.

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Paris hospitals turn to 3D printing to cover shortfalls

With the coronavirus outbreak predicted to peak in France in the coming days, hospitals in Paris are racing to make up for urgent shortages of equipment to protect staff and patients by printing them in 3-D.

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UK hygiene sector shines on coronavirus outbreak

From makers of toilet paper to firms offering deep cleans for offices and homes—Britain's hygiene sector is facing unprecedented demand fuelled by the coronavirus outbreak.


The dirtiest things you touch

At this time of year, cold and flu season mixes with holiday shopping, parties and travel. That means extra opportunities to share holiday cheer—and germs and viruses. However, you may be surprised by how germ-filled common ...

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