Vaccine printer could help vaccines reach more people

Getting vaccines to people who need them isn't always easy. Many vaccines require cold storage, making it difficult to ship them to remote areas that don't have the necessary infrastructure.

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Unraveling long COVID's causes and impacts

Most of the time, viruses leave our bodies as quickly as they arrived. After we suffer a week or two of fever, muscle aches, and other indignities, a surge of antibodies sends the miniature invader on its way. Case closed.

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Tanzania says five dead in Marburg virus outbreak

A mysterious disease that killed five people in Tanzania has been identified as Marburg hemorrhagic fever, a cousin of Ebola, the health ministry said on Tuesday.

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Tanzania probes mystery illness after five die

Tanzania has dispatched a team of health experts to investigate a mysterious disease that has claimed the lives of five people, the government said.

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WHO to hold emergency meeting on E.Guinea Marburg outbreak

The UN health agency said it would hold an emergency meeting Tuesday after at least nine people in Equatorial Guinea died from Marburg haemorrhagic fever, a cousin of the Ebola virus.

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Marburg virus vaccine shows promising results in first-in-human study

A newly published paper in The Lancet shows that an experimental vaccine against Marburg virus (MARV) was safe and induced an immune response in a small, first-in-human clinical trial. The vaccine, developed by researchers ...

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Uganda declares end to deadly Ebola outbreak

Uganda on Wednesday declared an end to an Ebola virus outbreak that emerged almost four months ago and claimed the lives of 55 people.

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