Medical economics

Burnout rate high among Michigan nurses, survey finds

Ninety-four percent of Michigan nurses report emotional exhaustion, with younger nurses significantly more likely to report burnout than colleagues over 45, according to a University of Michigan School of Nursing survey.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Coaching program reduces burnout among resident physicians

A coaching program aimed at decreasing burnout among female resident physicians significantly reduced emotional exhaustion and imposter syndrome while increasing self-compassion over a six month period, according to researchers ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Clutter's real effect on mental health, productivity in the office

Office clutter, such as extra papers, supplies or trash, can be a frustrating nuisance. Joseph Ferrari, a social-community psychologist at DePaul University, said it also can have a very real negative effect on mental health ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Emotional exhaustion during times of unrest

Local and world events have brought out strong emotions and stressors this year, often one right after another. They include COVID-19, social distancing, quarantines, stay-at-home orders, furloughs, job loss, masking, racial ...

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