Obstetrics & gynaecology

Less sex during menopause transition not linked to sexual pain

Having sex less often during the transition to menopause is not associated with an increased risk of developing pain with intercourse, according to a new study published recently by the Obstetrics and Gynecology journal.

Medical economics

Financial risks posed by unproven stem cell interventions in Japan

The research group led by Professor Misao Fujita conducted a study to estimate the total amount the Japanese government would refund if a patient received unproven cell interventions and applied for a medical expense deduction.

Medical research

Clinicians grapple with decisions in crisis-care simulation

The COVID-19 pandemic has led healthcare organizations to draft plans for critical patient care in the event of shortages of resources such as ventilators. Invoking "crisis-care" standards at a hospital would prompt the deployment ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Worrying about your heart increases risk for mental health disorders

For coffee drinkers, a common scenario might involve drinking an extra cup only to end up with a racing heart and a subtle reminder to themselves to cut down the caffeine. But for those who have a different thinking pattern, ...

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