Does turkey actually make you sleepy?

It's as reliable as the parades and football matches: Come Thanksgiving, you indulge in your family's traditional feast before settling in for a much-needed nap. But while may blame the day's "food coma" on the turkey specifically, ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Excessive fluid consumption: Habit or hormonal disorder?

People who drink more than three liters of fluid a day may be suffering from a rare hormone deficiency. For many, however, it is just a harmless habit. Failing to differentiate the two correctly can be fatal, so researchers ...


How does the body clock keep track of time?

Picture the scene: you wake up in the dim light of the morning, and wonder if it's already time to get up. Just as you reach for your bedside clock, your morning alarm goes off. It's a handy—if mysterious—skill. But how ...

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