Gerontology & Geriatrics

Impacts during everyday physical activity can slow bone loss

A study conducted at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, found that the bone mineral density at the femoral neck decreased, but the structural properties were maintained or even slightly improved during a year-long multicomponent ...

Medical economics

Blood poisoning keeping many people out of work

A few years ago, the World Health Organization estimated that blood poisoning, or sepsis, is involved in 1 in 5 deaths around the world; 11 million people die from sepsis each year, of which nearly 3 million are children.


The health benefits of volunteering

Volunteers make an immeasurable difference in people's lives. The act of volunteering also benefits a person's health as well. Research has shown that volunteering offers significant health benefits, especially for older ...

Biomedical technology

Bidirectional control of prosthetic hands using ultrasonic sensors

For anyone who has lost a hand, a functional prosthetic hand is of enormous benefit when it comes to everyday activities. So researchers at Fraunhofer are working as part of an EU research project to improve control of prosthetic ...

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