Oncology & Cancer

Study examines evolution of cancer

A novel Yale study answers age-old questions about how cancers spread by applying tools from evolutionary biology. The new insights will help scientists better understand the genetic origins of tumor metastases, and lead ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

A deadly shadow: Measles may weaken immune system up to three years

The measles virus is known to cast a deadly shadow upon children by temporarily suppressing their immune systems. While this vulnerability was previously thought to have lasted a month or two, a new study shows that children ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Evolution explains when and why we gamble

Sales of lottery tickets and insurance policies reveal our ambivalent attitude towards riskā€”in some situations we love to gamble, whereas in others we prefer to avoid it. New research by scientists at the University of ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Selflessness can be attractive to a potential mate

Altruistic or selfless behaviour is an attractive trait in a potential sexual partner, according to new research led by researchers from The University of Nottingham and Liverpool John Moores University.

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