Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

The lasting symptoms among COVID-19 long haulers

More than two years after the COVID-19 pandemic erupted, scientists have become increasingly aware of a group of patients—so-called "long haulers"—who remain plagued by a combination of symptoms long after the infection ...


Type 2 diabetes accelerates brain aging and cognitive decline

Scientists have demonstrated that normal brain aging is accelerated by approximately 26% in people with progressive type 2 diabetes compared to individuals without the disease, reports a study published today in eLife.

Alzheimer's disease & dementia

New computational model proposed for Alzheimer's disease

Mayo Clinic researchers have proposed a new model for mapping the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease to brain anatomy. This model was developed by applying machine learning to patient brain imaging data. It uses the entire function ...


'Hangxiety': Why some people experience anxiety during a hangover

The morning after a night of drinking is never fun if you've got a hangover. For most people, hangovers involve a headache, fatigue, thirst or nausea. But some people also report experiencing what many have dubbed "hangxiety"—feelings ...


A 10-minute run can boost brain processing

Running may be a useful activity to undertake for better mental health. University of Tsukuba researchers have found that only 10 minutes of moderate-intensity running increases local blood flow to the various loci in the ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Mindfulness meditation helps preterm-born adolescents

Adolescents born prematurely present a high risk of developing executive, behavioral and socio-emotional difficulties. Now, researchers from Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) and the University of Geneva (UNIGE) have revealed ...

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