Psychology & Psychiatry

Coaching program reduces burnout among resident physicians

A coaching program aimed at decreasing burnout among female resident physicians significantly reduced emotional exhaustion and imposter syndrome while increasing self-compassion over a six month period, according to researchers ...

Biomedical technology

New device detects heat strain in military trainees

In 2020, more than 2,000 U.S. service members experienced heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Such injuries pose a "significant and persistent threat to both the health of U.S. military members and the effectiveness of military ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Clutter's real effect on mental health, productivity in the office

Office clutter, such as extra papers, supplies or trash, can be a frustrating nuisance. Joseph Ferrari, a social-community psychologist at DePaul University, said it also can have a very real negative effect on mental health ...

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