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France moves towards vaccine pass to fight Omicron 'tidal wave'

French MPs on Monday began debating draft legislation that would require most people to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter public spaces such as bars, restaurants and long-distance public transport.


WTO again fails to agree on Covid vaccine patent waiver

The World Trade Organization said Friday its member nations had again failed to agree to suspend intellectual property rights for COVID-19 vaccines, with some countries doubting a deal could be reached unless certain delegations ...


WTO fails anew to agree Covid jab IP waiver proposal

World Trade Organization countries failed anew Tuesday to agree a proposal to suspend intellectual property rights on COVID-19 vaccines in order to boost production and fill a void in poor nations.


World health, IP, trade bodies launch Covid platform

The heads of the global health, IP and trade agencies on Thursday announced a joint platform to help countries plug the gaps in accessing COVID-19 vaccines, treatments and technologies.


WTO inches forward in COVID vaccine patent waiver talks

After months of debate, WTO members on Wednesday took a first, small step towards a deal aimed at boosting production of COVID vaccines and treatments through patent waivers or compulsory licensing deals.