New research detects potential hidden cause of dementia

A new Cedars-Sinai study suggests that some patients diagnosed with behavioral-variant frontotemporal dementia (bvFTD)—an incurable condition that robs patients of the ability to control their behavior and cope with daily ...


Endoscopic drainage better for necrotizing pancreatitis

For patients with necrotizing pancreatitis, the rate of fistula formation and mortality is lower with endoscopic drainage (ED) than with other surgical drainage methods, according to a systematic review and meta-analysis ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Ellipsys percutaneous fistula durable for hemodialysis access

(HealthDay)—A percutaneous arteriovenous fistula (pAVF) created by an interventionalist in the office-based lab provides durable access for hemodialysis through five years, according to a study presented at Kidney Week, ...


Outcome measure developed for Crohn's perianal fistula

(HealthDay)—A patient-reported outcome measure (PROM) has been developed for Crohn's perianal fistula, which has good internal consistency, excellent stability, and good responsiveness and construct validity, according ...

Obstetrics & gynaecology

Sealing fistulas with regenerative immiscible bioglue

A Korean research team has recently developed an innovative vesico-vaginal fistula treatment method using the mussel adhesive protein (MAP) that can effectively seal fistulas in organs even when exposed to urine.

Obstetrics & gynaecology

Mathematical modelling to prevent fistulas

It is better to invest in measures that make it easier for women to visit a doctor during pregnancy than measures to repair birth injuries. This is the conclusion from two mathematicians at LiU, using Uganda as an example.

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