Team Gemini gives disabled children something to cheer about

When Presley LeGrande was a member of the competitive cheer team NorCal Elite All Stars in San Jose, California, one of their biggest fans was a teammate's sister. She had her own NorCal uniform and would try to copy the ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Keeping the spark lit into the golden years

Research confirms what a lot of folks have guessed: as we age, motivation wanes and getting off the couch and out the door becomes more challenging.

Gerontology & Geriatrics

High intensity training best for older people

Five years of high-intensity interval training increased quality of life, improved fitness and might very well have extended the lives of participants in the Generation 100 study.


Exercise bloggers offer dubious advice, study suggests

The vast majority of exercise bloggers are not qualified to give the advice they're giving, according to a University of Alberta study that suggests this lack of certification could contribute to misinformation and unhealthy ...

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