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How does the location of a hospital room affect quality of care?

Years ago, Lesley Meng, now an assistant professor of operations at Yale SOM, was talking to the medical staff of an emergency department at a large hospital. Among other things, the conversation revealed that every nurse's ...

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Coronavirus: Staying safe on trains, planes and automobiles

Many of us rely on public transport to get to work, school, and to meet friends and family. But in the time of COVID-19 is it safe to use these vehicles and is there a difference between them?

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Fiji city sealed off as first virus case confirmed

Fiji confirmed its first coronavirus case Thursday and immediately moved to seal off the city where the patient—a flight attendant—was based, as panic buying gripped the Pacific island nation.

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Strokes on a plane? On-board facial paralysis wasn't what it seemed

Alan J. Hunter from Oregon Health & Science University was a passenger on a recent airline flight when he responded to a flight attendant's request for a "doctor on board." The flight attendant suspected that a young male ...

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