Flu shot during pregnancy poses no harm to baby

(HealthDay)—There's some good news for expecting moms who are trying to weather a brutal flu season—a new study shows that getting the flu vaccine during pregnancy causes no harm to newborns.


Certain parents more likely to skip kids' flu shot

(HealthDay)—Children who see "alternative" health providers, such as acupuncturists or massage therapists, are less likely than other kids to get their annual flu shot, a new study suggests.

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A mild flu season, and the end is in sight: CDC

(HealthDay)—This year's flu season may not quite be over, but it's clearly winding down and will be recorded as a relatively mild one, U.S. health officials say.


Protect yourself from colds and flu this winter

(HealthDay)—Cold and flu season is here, but that doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to days of misery. There are a number of ways you can protect yourself.

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FDA shares advice to avoid colds and flu

(HealthDay)—Viral infections can happen at any time, but they're more common during winter when people spend more time in close contact with others indoors.

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