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Fast-acting virus targets melanoma in mice

(Medical Xpress)—Yale researchers eradicated most melanoma tumors by exposing them to a fast-acting virus, they report in the June 15 edition of the Journal of Virology.

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Deer ticks carry yet another bacterial threat

(HealthDay)—People who go outdoors in several regions of the United States may have something else to worry about. Scientists report that there's another troublesome germ hiding in the deer tick that already harbors the ...

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US warns meningitis cases could rise

US authorities have managed to contact most of the thousands of people exposed to the tainted drug blamed for a meningitis outbreak that has killed 14, but warned the number of infections could rise.

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7 dead in spreading US meningitis outbreak

At least seven people have died and 91 have fallen ill in the United States in a worsening meningitis outbreak tied to a contaminated drug, updated figures showed Sunday.

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Scientists make dengue vaccine breakthrough

Dengue is one of the most widespread mosquito-borne viral diseases in the world, with WHO estimating that around half of the world's population are currently at risk. While infection usually causes flu-like symptoms, it can ...

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Yosemite officials say 1,700 visitors risk disease

(AP)—The rustic tent cabins of Yosemite National Park—a favorite among families looking to rough it in one of America's most majestic settings—have become the scene of a public health crisis after two visitors died ...


Dengue vaccine could be ready by 2015: Sanofi

French drugs group Sanofi said Friday that its vaccine against dengue, a mosquito-borne infection that kills thousands of people around the world each year, could be launched in about four years.

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Lyme disease -- why do some fare better than others?

(Medical Xpress) -- Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) is a spirochete, a coiled bacterium that looks like a kinetic spring. Just a few microns long, smaller than the width of a human hair, it is invisible to the naked eye. But it ...

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