Smartphone survey to track flu in Western New York

When a flu epidemic hits a metropolitan area, it's helpful for public health officials to know how quickly the disease could spread and which residents may be most vulnerable to infection.


Interferon shows promise as flu therapy

A molecule the body produces naturally in response to virus infection could be a viable flu treatment in the future, suggest researchers at the Francis Crick Institute in London.

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Double flu blow forces Saint Petersburg school closures

An outbreak of swine flu has claimed some 22 lives in Russia's second city Saint Petersburg and combined with high rates of seasonal flu to force authorities to close schools and send residents flocking to pharmacies.


It's not too late to get a flu shot

(HealthDay)—Anyone who hasn't had a flu shot this season should make a point to get vaccinated now, U.S. health officials advise.

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Many Americans unsure that flu shots do any good, poll finds

With the height of the influenza season fast approaching, a survey published Tuesday by the federal Department of Health and Human Services found a sizable number of Americans are skeptical that a flu shot makes much of a ...

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Flu shot a must for moms-to-be

(HealthDay)—Catching the flu early in pregnancy doubles the risk of having a baby with a serious birth defect, which is why getting a flu shot is so important for women who are expecting, the March of Dimes warns.

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