How is puberty onset developmentally programmed?

The hypothalamus, one of the most complex brain regions in the mammalian nervous system, contains an astonishing heterogeneity of neurons that regulate endocrine, autonomic and behavioral functions. It not only regulates ...

Oncology & Cancer

Cancers in adults under 50 are on the rise globally

Over recent decades, more and more adults under the age of 50 are developing cancer. A study conducted by researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital reveals that the incidence of early onset cancers (those diagnosed before ...


The environment alters breastmilk and maternal behavior in rats

Rat mothers in enriching environments give birth to larger offspring, are more efficient parents, and have heartier breastmilk, compared to mothers in standard laboratory housing, according to research published in eNeuro.


Emotional patterns a factor in children's food choices

The emotional context in which eating occurs has been thought to influence eating patterns and diet, with studies finding negative emotions predict excessive calorie intake and poor diet quality. A research article featured ...

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