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Scientist creates system to quickly detect food pathogens

Quick, efficient pathogen detection and fingerprinting is essential and often lifesaving when it comes to preventing foodborne illness. Now, University of Georgia food scientist Xiangyu Deng has created a system that can ...

Medical research

Gut pathogens thrive on body's tissue-repair mechanism

Why do some foodborne bacteria make us sick? A paper published Sept. 16 in the journal Science has found that pathogens in the intestinal tract cause harm because they benefit from immune system responses designed to repair ...

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Harmful bacteria can survive in sandwich crackers, cookies for months

Researchers at the University of Georgia found that pathogens like salmonella can survive for at least six months in cookies and crackers. The recent study was prompted by an increased number of outbreaks of foodborne diseases ...


E. coli more virulent when accompanied by beneficial bacteria

Scientists wonder why some people get so sick and even die after being infected by the foodborne pathogen E.coli O157:H7, while others experience much milder symptoms and recover relatively quickly. Now Penn State's College ...

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Physicians can play key role in preventing foodborne illness

Food safety awareness is key to understanding the food safety issues on the horizon, and clinicians at hospitals and doctors' offices play a key role in ensuring consumers are aware of the threats of foodborne illness, said ...

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The connection between listeriosis and produce

In the United States and other industrialized nations, consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is considered a key component of a healthy diet.

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