Fight for safe abortions is far from over, say experts

The fight for safe abortions is an uphill struggle with half of all terminations worldwide still conducted in risky conditions, pro-choice advocates told a major women's health conference in Nairobi.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Psychologists: 'There is no alternative to free speech'

Colleges and universities across the country are struggling with the question of who decides what is acceptable speech on campus. When does a controversial topic become hate speech? When should it be allowed as free speech?

Psychology & Psychiatry

Researchers explore the purpose of offensive humour

Some people believe that offensive humour such as sexist or racist jokes can help break down barriers and challenge prejudice. Others simply find it appalling. The topic is clearly sensitive and often leads to discussions ...


US porn makers slam HIV claims, vow to end moratorium

US porn filmmakers who have suspended production after a number of actors reportedly tested HIV-positive accused critics Tuesday of "political posturing" and making unfounded claims.