Psychology & Psychiatry

Do mothers favor daughters and fathers favor sons?

Imagine a parent who is shopping and has a few moments to spare before heading home. If the parent has both a son and daughter but time to buy only one surprise gift, who will receive the gift?

Psychology & Psychiatry

Men and women show equal ability at recognizing faces

Despite conventional wisdom that suggests women are better than men at facial recognition, Penn State psychologists found no difference between men and women in their ability to recognize faces and categorize facial expressions.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Media narratives counter prejudice attitudes

Research from several personality and social psychologists show that entertainment media with positive content or conciliatory messages can contribute to positive relationships between members of different ethnic groups and ...


Study confirms that doctors prescribe more painkillers to women

Regardless of the pain type, age and social class, women are more likely to be prescribed analgaesia than men. This is confirmed by a study conducted by several members of the Research Group on Public Health at the University ...

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