Medical research

New human coronavirus that originated in dogs identified

Researchers have identified and completed the genetic analysis of a newly discovered coronavirus—one that has evolved from a coronavirus that afflicts dogs to infect humans and may contribute to respiratory symptoms.


Teen marijuana use boosts risk of adult insomnia

Smoke a lot of weed as a teenager, and when you reach adulthood you'll be more likely to have trouble falling or staying asleep, according to a new University of Colorado Boulder study of nearly 2,000 twins.


Researchers identify opportunities to advance genomic medicine

Genetic discoveries over the past 25 years have substantially advanced understanding of both rare and common diseases, furthering the development of treatment and prevention for ailments ranging from inflammatory bowel diseases ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

When depression drives you to drink

When you drink, do you get depressed? Or is it the reverse: when you're depressed, do you drink?

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