How can heart health care be greener?

A new review has shown how medical professionals in cardiology can help reduce health care's carbon footprint, by making small, low-cost changes in how they work.

Obstetrics & gynaecology

The use of nitrous oxide 'cracking ' technology in the labor ward

In a case report published in Anaesthesia Reports, a 35-year-old woman who is herself an anesthetist describes her own use of special equipment to recover and break down nitrous oxide used for pain relief during her labor, ...


Global diets are harming human and planetary health

A global diet that increasingly includes ultra-processed foods is having a negative impact on the diversity of plant species available for human consumption while also damaging human and planetary health, according to a commentary ...

Medical economics

What the US health care sector can learn from Coca-Cola

A new, Yale-led analysis suggests that the Coca-Cola Company and a number of other corporations are the real thing when it comes to publicly reporting the environmental impact of their operations—something the American ...

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