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China state media demand strict adherence to 'zero COVID'

China's ruling party called for strict adherence to the hard-line "zero-COVID" policy Tuesday in an apparent attempt to guide public perceptions after regulations were eased slightly in places.

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China's 'Silicon Valley' tightens rules over COVID flare-up

China's biggest tech hub is rushing to stamp out a fresh COVID outbreak, ordering some of the country's biggest manufacturers to operate in a 'closed loop' to reduce infections, state media reported.

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Shanghai, Beijing order new round of mass COVID-19 testing

Residents of parts of Shanghai and Beijing have been ordered to undergo further rounds of COVID-19 testing following the discovery of new cases in the two cities, while tight restrictions remain in place in Hong Kong, Macao ...


Climate change: Is it time to say goodbye to inhaled anesthesia?

A review presented at this year's Euroanesthesia Congress will address the environmental impact of inhaled anesthetic agents and how we can and should manage without them—or at least massively reduce their use. The presentation ...

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Beijing enforces lockdowns, expands COVID-19 mass testing

Police and new fencing restricted who could leave a locked-down area in Beijing on Tuesday as authorities in the Chinese capital stepped up efforts to prevent a major COVID-19 outbreak like the one that has all but shut down ...


US targets Chinese firms in painkiller crackdown

The United States on Wednesday imposed sanctions on Chinese painkiller makers as it vowed to step up action to curb the addiction epidemic that killed a record 100,000 Americans last year.

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