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UK study that will infect volunteers with COVID approved

A study which will expose volunteers to the coronavirus is to begin in Britain within a month after it gained approval from the country's clinical ethics body, the government said on Wednesday.

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New virus curbs for northern English region

More than a million people in northern England will be banned from mixing with other households under new coronavirus rules announced Wednesday, sparking warnings of "months of agony" ahead.


COVID-19 may add 525,000 to annual TB deaths

The world could see an additional 525,000 TB deaths in 2021 as a result of disruptions to public health delivery systems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, says a new survey by global civil society networks.

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New aged care funding model offers reform for Australians

The profile of Australian aged care residents has changed markedly in recent years, and the developers of a new system for classifying residents, published today by the Medical Journal of Australia, say their model is better ...

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UK begins coronavirus vaccine trial; France pledges funding (Update)

Scientists at Imperial College London will start immunizing people in Britain this week with their experimental coronavirus shot, while pharmaceutical company Sanofi and the French government announced more than 800 million ...

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