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Virus might be behind mystery child hepatitis cases: US agency

Nine young children from Alabama affected by a mysterious hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) all tested positive for a common pathogen called adenovirus 41, a study by the US health agency said Friday.


Not even a global pandemic can stop poor hand hygiene

New Curtin research has identified that the average Australian only occasionally washed their hands properly during the COVID-19 pandemic, despite hand hygiene being one of the key recommendations for protecting against the ...

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COVID: Why you still need to wash your hands

Hygiene was a significant part of the health measures to control the coronavirus at the start of the pandemic. But as evidence began to emerge of airborne spread, the focus switched to masks and, more recently, ventilation.

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Hand hygiene compliance rates peaked >90 percent in March 2020

(HealthDay)—Hand hygiene compliance rates exceeded 90 percent during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, but declined thereafter, according to a research letter published online April 26 in JAMA internal Medicine.

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