Psychology & Psychiatry

Greenspaces should support mental health among young adults

Even though many global cities incorporate greenspaces such as pocket parks and community gardens into their urban planning efforts, new UBC research shows those plans often fail to include the needs of youth and young adults ...


Unregulated 'innovation': India's medicine problem

If India is the pharmacy of the world, it's not doing a good job of providing safe products. A large number of children in the Gambia have recently died after ingesting cough syrup made in India. And in 2019, 11 children ...

Overweight & Obesity

BMI: The mismeasure of weight and the mistreatment of obesity

People who seek medical treatment for obesity or an eating disorder do so with the hope their health plan will pay for part of it. But whether it's covered often comes down to a measure invented almost 200 years ago by a ...

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