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How can hospitals address scarce resources during COVID-19?

After reading Julia Lynch's latest draft paper, a typical layperson would likely be surprised to realize that despite decades of national concern about terrorists, biological warfare attacks, and dirty bombs, hospitals don't ...

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Pandemic puts health care workers' mental health on the line

Doctors and nurses are trained to deal with life-and-death situations, to be calm in the face of crisis. But whether it's in hard-hit New York or places where COVID-19 has yet to surge, medical workers say the pandemic is ...

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US begins blood tests for coronavirus immunity: reports

The United States has begun taking blood samples from across the country to determine the true number of people infected with the coronavirus, using a test that works retrospectively, according to reports.

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As cases surge, 3 in 4 US hospitals already facing COVID-19

Three out of four U.S. hospitals surveyed are already treating patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19, according to a federal report that finds hospitals expect to be overwhelmed as cases rocket toward their projected ...

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Surgical masks good for most COVID-19 treatment

The N95 respirator masks should be preserved for health-care workers involved in inserting breathing tubes for patients with COVID-19. More common medical masks are fine for all other COVID-19 treatment, says preliminary ...


A trial to evaluate hydroxychloroquine to treat, prevent COVID-19

A new trial led by the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania will evaluate whether the drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) can benefit people infected with COVID-19, as well as whether taking the drug preventatively ...

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