Gerontology & Geriatrics

Prevalence of hearing loss in seniors increases with age

Older adults have a high prevalence of hearing loss, which increases with age, reaching 96.2 percent for those aged 90 years and older, according to a study published online July 28 in JAMA Network Open.

Biomedical technology

Artificial intelligence wheelchair aims to put users in control

More than a billion people around the globe need assistive technology to go about everyday tasks independently. A new artificial intelligence (AI) wheelchair is taking assistive technology a step further and giving people ...

Biomedical technology

Beyond necessity, hearing aids bring enjoyment through music

For decades, hearing aids have been focused on improving communication by separating speech from background noise. While the technology has made strides in terms of speech, it is still subpar when it comes to music.

Biomedical technology

Improving hearing in an increasingly noisy world

As knowledge increases about how auditory troubles develop, new technological advances are set to cut through the clamour. Meeting a few friends in a noisy café can mean straining to hear all the conversation. It can be ...

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