Heart vest could help predict sudden cardiac death risk

A reusable vest that can map the electrical activity of the heart in fine detail could potentially be used to better identify people at high risk of sudden cardiac death, suggests a new study led by UCL researchers.


Common A-fib treatment may be riskier for women

While a common non-drug treatment called ablation exists for the heart rhythm disorder atrial fibrillation (a-fib), the procedure can be more problematic for women than for men.


New study uncovers major cause of deadly heart arrhythmias

Heart attacks scar the heart, leaving patients vulnerable to heart rhythm disorders that can lead to sudden death. While not all who have experienced a cardiac infarction will develop an arrhythmia, if they do, it will typically ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Report outlines most common symptoms of 6 cardiovascular diseases

A review of the latest research highlights the most reported symptoms of various cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), noting that men and women often experience different symptoms, according to a new American Heart Association ...


How to prevent recurrent stroke when the cause is unknown

Nearly one-third of patients with a stroke of unknown cause have a heart rhythm disorder that can be treated to prevent another stroke. That's the finding of the NOR-FIB study presented at EHRA 2022, a scientific congress ...

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