A beating biorobotic heart aims to better simulate valves

Combining a biological heart and a silicone robotic pump, researchers created a biorobotic heart that beats like a real one, focusing on a valve on the left side of the heart. The heart valve simulator, presented on January ...


Cardiologists publish case series study on heart valve procedure

Findings from a published case series research letter by the Henry Ford Health Structural Heart Disease team show that severe mitral stenosis, due to a build-up of calcium deposits in the mitral valve common in elderly patients, ...

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Heart valve

In anatomy, the heart valves maintain the unidirectional flow of blood in the heart by opening and closing depending on the difference in pressure on each side. They are mechanically similar to reed valves.

There are four valves in the heart (not counting the valve of the coronary sinus, and the valve of the inferior vena cava):

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