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Vole fever spreading further south in Sweden

Researchers have discovered that bank voles in Skåne, southern Sweden, carry a virus that can cause hemorrhagic fever in humans. This finding was made more than 500 km south of the previously known range.

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What is Disease X? How scientists are preparing for the next pandemic

The term "Disease X" was coined years ago as a way of getting scientists to work on medical countermeasures for unknown infectious threats—novel coronaviruses like the one that causes COVID-19, for example—instead of ...

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WHO declares end to Marburg virus outbreak in Equatorial Guinea

The UN's health agency on Thursday declared an end to a nearly four-month epidemic of Marburg virus in Equatorial Guinea, saying the disease, a cousin of Ebola, had caused 35 confirmed or suspected deaths.

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Tanzania says five dead in Marburg virus outbreak

A mysterious disease that killed five people in Tanzania has been identified as Marburg hemorrhagic fever, a cousin of Ebola, the health ministry said on Tuesday.


Antibody shows promise for developing hantavirus treatment

An international research team discovered the first human antibody to effectively neutralize two types of hantaviruses in animal models, according to a study published online Mar. 16 in Science Translational Medicine. Based ...

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Brain disease transmitted by tick bites may be treatable

Tick-borne encephalitis is a disease just as nasty as it sounds. Once bitten by an infected tick, some people develop flu-like symptoms that resolve quietly but leave behind rampant neurological disease—brain swelling, ...

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