What do you know about headaches?

June is Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, which makes this a good time to learn more about headaches.

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South Africa records first case of monkeypox

South Africa on Thursday reported its first case of monkeypox, joining some 40 other countries that have identified patients with the disease.

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South Korea reports first imported case of monkeypox

South Korea reported its first imported cases of monkeypox Wednesday, becoming the latest of some 40 countries—and the first in East Asia—to have identified the disease.

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WHO drops endemic country distinction for monkeypox

The World Health Organization says it has removed the distinction between endemic and non-endemic countries in its data on monkeypox to better unify the response to the virus.

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Monkeypox: 'This is an entirely new spread of the disease'

One thousand confirmed cases of monkeypox, a disease originating in Africa, have been recorded since early May across at least 30 non-endemic countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, France, the United States, ...

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Monkeypox has likely spread undetected 'for some time': WHO

The WHO said Wednesday that hundreds of monkeypox cases have surfaced beyond the African countries where the disease is typically found, warning the virus has likely been spreading under the radar.

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Mexico confirms its first monkeypox case

Health officials in Mexico confirmed Saturday the country's first known case of monkeypox, in a 50-year-old US resident being treated in Mexico City.

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