Italy probes BAT, Amazon over heated tobacco ad

Italy's competition authority said Tuesday it was investigating British American Tobacco's Italian division and online giant Amazon for alleged misleading advertising of a heated tobacco product.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Mapping Mexico's dengue fever hotspots

As many as one in five dengue fever deaths in the Americas occur in Mexico, and the rate of the disease's severity has been increasing for decades, according to the World Health Organization. Now, a Rutgers researcher has ...

Oncology & Cancer

Does eating processed meats cause colorectal cancer?

They're integral to summer, as ubiquitous as a zinced-up nose or a backyard cricket game. From December onward, walk into any gathering and processed meats are being served. It's the bacon sizzling on the barbecue, the cured ...


Pain-sensing gut neurons protect against inflammation

Neurons that sense pain protect the gut from inflammation and associated tissue damage by regulating the microbial community living in the intestines, according to a study from researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine.


How does heat affect medications?

You know by now that high temps and humidity can affect your mood, your child's behavior, your pet's well-being and even your favorite zoo animal's appetite.


Heatwave alert: Stay safe in searing temps

As blistering temperatures blanket much of the country, more people are at risk heat exhaustion and potentially fatal heat strokes. One expert offers tips on how to avoid the dangerous effects of record-breaking temperatures.

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