An apple a day on doctors' orders keeps ill health away

Fresh fruit and vegetables prescribed by doctors could be an effective way to improve the health of Australians with type 2 diabetes, according to a new study published today in the Journal of Nutrition.

Medical research

Novel model predicts COVID-19 outbreak two weeks ahead of time

People's social behavior, reflected in their mobility data, is providing scientists with a way to forecast the spread of COVID-19 nationwide at the county level. Researchers from Florida Atlantic University's College of Engineering ...

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Opinion: Yes, we can prevent future pandemics

As we hopefully soon will start seeing the results of the efforts against COVID-19, we must simultaneously prepare for new and potentially more serious pandemics. Preventing new pandemics is definitely a common global challenge.

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Latinos in Los Angeles twice as likely to contract COVID: data

Latinos living in Los Angeles are twice as likely to contract COVID-19 as the county's white population, with "essential" in-person jobs and densely populated residences leaving the group highly exposed to the virus, the ...

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