Acetaminophen may be less heart-safe than previously thought

The common painkiller acetaminophen was found to alter proteins in the heart tissue when used regularly at moderate doses, according to a new study conducted in mice. Researchers presented their work at the American Physiology ...


Spain bans flavored heated tobacco products

Spain's government on Tuesday approved a decree that bans the sale of flavored heated tobacco products as part of efforts to discourage tobacco use, the health ministry said.


Salt seekers: Sodium reduction initiative thwarted by consumers

As a group, Americans consume more salt than recommended by health experts, and when presented with reformulated products containing less sodium, they opted for saltier alternatives, essentially negating a pivotal initiative ...

Sleep disorders

Night sweats reveal the severity of sleep apnea

In Greek, apnea (ἄπνοια) denotes the "absence of breathing." Hence, obstructive sleep apnea is a disease defined by interruptions in breathing, which recurs while the person suffering from it is asleep. A feeling of ...

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