Oncology & Cancer

Study: B cells promote liver cancer with dangerous dual strategy

Inflammatory fatty liver disease (NASH, non alcoholic steatohepatitis) and the resulting liver cancer are driven by auto-aggressive T cells. Scientists from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) now show what is behind ...

Oncology & Cancer

Study reveals how fatty liver promotes colorectal cancer spread

Investigators at Cedars-Sinai Cancer found that fatty liver, a condition closely associated with obesity, promotes the spread of colorectal cancer to the liver. Their study, published today in the journal Cell Metabolism, ...


Diet cycling impacts spatial memory according to rat study

We all know this scenario. You've been sticking to a healthy diet, then the weekend rolls around. Pub meals, greasy fry-ups, takeaway dinners… None of that matters as long as you ate healthily during the week, right?


Researchers uncover the effects of avocado on type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes are major public health burdens among adults, and Hispanics and Latinos in the United States are at increased risk for type 2 diabetes. Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine studied how ...

Overweight & Obesity

How a gut microbe can exacerbate obesity

RIKEN researchers have discovered how a species of gut microbe exacerbates obesity in mice fed a high-fat diet. Now published in Cell Metabolism, this finding could help scientists develop new ways of treating obesity via ...

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