Medical economics

Sharing vaccines is in countries' best interests

How nations can best allocate COVID-19 vaccines remains a discussion of global importance. And at its heart is the question of whether countries with greater access to vaccines should focus on vaccinating their own citizens ...


Blood pressure rises by stealth in poorer nations

More than half a billion people worldwide live with undetected, untreated hypertension, even as the disease burden shifts from rich nations to poor countries with limited resources to detect and manage the condition.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

China fights COVID surge as Japan extends emergency during Olympics

Hundreds of thousands of people in China were in lockdown on Friday as the country battled its worst COVID-19 outbreak in months, while Japan—a week into the Olympics—extended its state of emergency due to surging infections.


4 billion anti-COVID shots injected worldwide

Although more than four billion doses of anti-COVID vaccines have been administered around the world, poorer countries are still struggling to secure precious shots despite recent donations.

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