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A physician weighs in on longterm care homes and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the elderly as the most vulnerable to the virus, particularly residents in long-term care, where outbreaks have hit over 130 homes in Ontario, and more across the country.


What the pandemic teaches us about nursing home care

Nested in communities across the US, nursing homes serve as a societal safety net. Nursing homes provide essential care to individuals unable to live in the community. Roughly 1.3 million residents live in nursing homes receiving ...

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Video: Advice on advance care planning during the COVID-19 crisis

Advance care planning is especially crucial during a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Regenstrief Institute and Indiana University researchers Susan Hickman, Ph.D., and Kathleen Unroe, M.D., MHA, created a video to help ...

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Figures show hundreds of COVID-19 deaths in UK care homes

Leading British charities said the new coronavirus is causing "devastation" in the country's nursing homes, as official statistics showed Tuesday that hundreds more people with COVID-19 have died than are recorded in the ...

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Virus dead in nursing homes are often its uncounted victims

One by one, elderly residents of French nursing homes are going into forced isolation into their rooms. Their caregivers are walling themselves in as well, against both the known and the unknown. They are running out of body ...

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New York state surpasses 1,000 coronavirus deaths

New York state's death toll from the coronavirus outbreak climbed Sunday above 1,000, less than a month after the first known infection in the state.

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