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England lifts Covid curbs as scientists warn of surge in cases

The British government on Monday lifted pandemic restrictions on daily life in England, scrapping all social distancing rules in a step slammed by scientists and opposition parties as a dangerous leap into the unknown.

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Dutch COVID-19 infections soar by 500% in a week

Coronavirus infections in the Netherlands skyrocketed by more than 500% over the last week, the country's public health institute reported Tuesday. The surge follows the scrapping of almost all remaining lockdown restrictions ...

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Many youth with blood cancers receive intensive end-of-life care

(HealthDay)—Fifty-five percent of children, adolescents, and young adults with hematologic malignancies experience high-intensity end-of-life care (HI-EOLC), with an increased likelihood for those treated at medium or large ...

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Highly fit teenagers coped better with COVID-19 later in life

Of the Swedish men in their late teens who performed well in the physical fitness tests for military conscription, a relatively high proportion were able to avoid hospital care when they became infected with COVID-19 during ...

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Tunisia hospitals struggle with COVID 'tsunami'

Tunisian hospitals are battling to keep operating as the number of people dying of COVID-19 spikes and bodies are left in rooms because mortuaries are running at full capacity.

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