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WHO advance team ends visit to China to probe COVID origin

The World Health Organization said Monday an advance team looking into the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak has concluded its mission in China, and the U.N. health agency is preparing the deployment of a larger group of experts ...

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Video: Who controls pandemic data?

Editor's note: When the Trump administration ordered hospitals to report COVID-19 data to the Department of Health and Human Services rather than the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as they had been doing, it ...

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Many U.S. homes too cramped to stop COVID-19's spread

(HealthDay)—People with COVID-19 are told to keep their distance from family members to protect them from infection. But a new study finds that one-fifth of U.S. homes are too small for that to happen.

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World virus cases near 15M; Trump says things will get worse

The global tally of people infected with the coronavirus neared 15 million Wednesday, while in the worst-hit pandemic hot spot of the United States, President Donald Trump warned the pandemic would "get worse before it gets ...

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No end in sight, Congress confronts new virus crisis rescue

It stands as the biggest economic rescue in U.S. history, the $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief bill swiftly approved by Congress in the spring. And it's painfully clear now, as the pandemic worsens, it was only the start.

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The battle is not over: Rising infections seen worldwide

Renewed lockdown measures in a German region where hundreds of coronavirus cases sprung up at a slaughterhouse and news that the world's top-ranked tennis player has also been infected provided a stark reminder to Europeans ...


Proportion of children born into care in England now one in 200

Academics at the University of Huddersfield and University of Central Lancashire have revealed that the number of babies being taken into state care in their first week of life is almost 50% higher than previously believed.

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