Psychology & Psychiatry

Understanding the psychology of what lies behind irrational opinions

Most people, at one time or another, act foolishly. However, truly ignorant individuals exhibit a lack of introspection and stubbornly cling to their opinions, regardless of how irrational they may be. These people demonstrate ...

Alzheimer's disease & dementia

Is your blood aging your brain? It might increase your dementia risk

By 2050, the global population of adults 60 and older will approximately double, leading to upward of 153 million dementia cases. That's why University College Cork neuroscience professor Yvonne Nolan and Ph.D. student Sebastian ...


Gene behind heart defects in Down syndrome identified

Researchers at the Francis Crick Institute and UCL have identified a gene that causes heart defects in Down syndrome, a condition that results from an additional copy of chromosome 21.


Amnesia caused by head injury reversed in early mouse study

A mouse study designed to shed light on memory loss in people who experience repeated head impacts, such as athletes, suggests the condition could potentially be reversed. The research in mice finds that amnesia and poor ...


Re-frame of mind: Do our brains have a built-in sense of grammar?

For centuries, a prevailing theory in philosophy has asserted that at birth the human mind is a blank slate. More recently, the same notion has also held sway in the field of neurobiology, where it is commonly held that neural ...

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