Waste surveillance can help combat climate-aggravated diseases

Traditional disease-monitoring systems are ill-equipped to handle the recent unprecedented outbreaks of climate-aggravated diseases. In a viewpoint article published in Science Translational Medicine, SFI's Samuel Scarpino ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Exploring Indigenous concepts of consciousness

In a world where scientific advancements continually shape our understanding of the universe, a new study sheds light on the immense potential of Indigenous concepts and meanings for contemporary science. The study explores ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

New insights into how the human brain organizes language

A new study has provided the first clear picture of where language processes are located in the brain. The findings may be useful in clinical trials involving language recovery after brain injury.


New research shows wildfire smoke impacts on the brain

Smoke from the massive wildfires still burning in northern Canada has cast a pall over much of North America this summer, leading to health concerns for older people and those with chronic respiratory conditions.

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