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No laughing matter: Some perfectionists have a dark side

The type of perfectionist who sets impossibly high standards for others has a bit of a dark side. They tend to be narcissistic, antisocial and to have an aggressive sense of humor. They care little about social norms and ...

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Does your sense of humor change as you age?

A UA researcher and two co-authors examined whether young, middle-aged and older adults found clips of inappropriate social behavior to be funny.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Training character strengths makes you happy

Anyone who trains character strengths increases their sense of well-being, a large-scale study conducted by a team of psychologists from the University of Zurich has concluded. It proved for the first time that this kind ...


Imaging study shows how humor activates kids' brain regions

For the first time, researchers have scanned the brains of children watching funny videos to examine which of their brain regions are active as their sense of humor develops. The new findings from the Stanford University ...

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Men win humor test (by a hair)

Men are funnier than women, but only just barely and mostly to other men. So says a psychology study from the University of California, San Diego Division of Social Sciences.

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