Leptin helps hungry mice choose sex over food

To eat or to mate—that is the question (and the answer is: moderately hungry mice choose to mate). Researchers publishing in the journal Cell Metabolism on Thursday, February 23, show that hungry mice prioritize interacting ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Hunger really can make us feel 'hangry', study finds

New scientific research has discovered that feeling hungry really can make us "hangry," with emotions such as anger and irritability strongly linked with hunger. Published in the journal PLOS ONE, the study is the first to ...


Researchers show how the liver can control the brain and behavior

A new Yale study has found that the liver plays a major role in regulating feeding behavior in mice, a discovery that could have implications for people with eating disorders and metabolic diseases. The study, which was done ...

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Hunger is the most commonly used term to describe the social condition of people who frequently experience the physical sensation of desiring food.

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