Could a medicated foam make gene therapies more accessible?

Foam mixed with medications is already used to treat conditions such as varicose veins, hemorrhoids, wounds on the skin and even hair loss. Now, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center scientists have found that foam might also be ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Dialogue between brain regions: How memories guide us to rewards

Picture this: You want to take a walk to your favorite ice cream parlor for the first time after winter. You can probably remember how to get there. How does our brain guide us to such rewarding places? In a study recently ...


The science behind why we snack, and how to do it better

From boredom to corporate marketing, there are a lot of reasons people snack. And not all snacks are the same. Some can boost your diet, while others can leave you feeling bloated and tired. In America, many snackers are ...

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