Scientists genetically decode rare kidney disease

When Dr. Bodo Beck first saw the three children of a family who had fled Syria sitting in his consultation room at University Hospital Cologne, the human geneticist was surprised. His genetic analysis diagnosed Bartter syndrome ...

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Judge halts FDA approval of abortion pill mifepristone

Access to the most commonly used method of abortion in the U.S. plunged into uncertainty Friday following conflicting court rulings over the legality of the abortion medication mifepristone that has been widely available ...

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Indonesia lifts COVID-19 curbs as cases ease

Indonesia on Friday removed all remaining domestic COVID-19 restrictions with immediate effect after case numbers in the Southeast Asian nation eased in recent months.

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What do bans on abortion mean for people using IVF?

The U.S. Supreme Court ruling that allows states to ban abortion isn't expected to have an immediate effect on in vitro fertilization, according to an analysis by the nation's leading reproductive health society.

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Philippines orders 13 million into lockdown over Delta fears

The Philippines will send more than 13 million people in the national capital region back into lockdown next week, the government said Friday, as it tries to head off a surge in cases of a hyper-contagious coronavirus strain.

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