Neurocables to repair nervous system injuries

As the CBIT-UPV team explains, there is currently no effective clinical therapy for the regeneration of nerve injuries on nerve lengths greater than 2 cm, where the nerve cannot find its target and, often, that disoriented ...

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Healthy environment, healthy kidneys

Health has always been affected by climate and weather, but is increasingly clear that the change in climate is a significant threat to human health. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 24% of global deaths ...

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COVID-19: Long-term consequences for the kidneys can be expected

The kidneys are a target organ of COVID-19 and are affected very early in the course. However, this is precisely where there is strong prognostic potential: As early as last spring, COVID-19-associated nephritis was identified ...

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COVID-19 as systemic disease: What does that mean for kidneys?

It was clear at a relatively early stage of the pandemic that SARS-CoV-2 causes a wide range of symptoms; in addition to typical respiratory symptoms, patients also had neurological symptoms (starting with anosmia), gastrointestinal ...

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Injury or bodily injury is damage or harm caused to the structure or function of the body caused by an outside agent or force, which may be physical or chemical, and either by accident or intentional. Personal Injury also refers to damage caused to the reputation of another rather than physical harm to the body. A severe and life-threatening injury is referred to as a physical trauma.

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