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Calls for key Covid drug to be made available outside US

Researchers have called for an experimental COVID treatment, which has shown early indications of being more effective against dominant Omicron subvariants, to be made available outside the United States.


Pharma industry urges fairer vaccine access in future

The pharmaceutical industry on Tuesday proposed a system to allow for more equitable access to vaccines and treatments in future pandemics, saying it was willing to set aside doses to distribute to lower-income countries.


WTO agrees to lift Covid vaccine patents, but is it 'too late'?

The World Trade Organization agreed Friday to temporarily lift patents on COVID-19 vaccines after two years of bruising negotiations, but experts expressed scepticism that the deal will have a major impact on global vaccination ...


WTO seeks shot in the arm with COVID jab IP idea

The WTO's search for a role in fighting the pandemic sharpened up on Monday as ministers seek a compromise to lift intellectual property rights on COVID-19 vaccines.


WTO chief hails COVID vaccines IP compromise

The World Trade Organization chief on Wednesday hailed a breakthrough between the EU, the United States, India and South Africa on waiving intellectual property rights on COVID-19 vaccines.

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